The Black Metal scene in Norway are producing a lot of new bands these days. Taake is one of the new bands. They have just released their debut album on Wounded Love Records. We contacted Taake for an update

1. Let me first start with that I am not familiar with your band due to my address on an isolated mountain in Scotland. My only knowledge to your band is based on the "Nattestid" opus.
When and where was Taake started ? Could you give us a brief biography ?? Please tell us more about eventual earlier recordings.

The band was formed in the very beginning of '93 in western Norway's Bjoergvin. releases have been: 'Der Vinterstormene Raste' (demo'93), Omfavnet av svarte vinger' (demo '94), 'Manndaudsvinter' (demo '95), 'Koldbrann i Jesu Marg' (7" ep '96), 'Nattestid...' (CD/LP '99).

2. Who are involved in Taake ?

After a few line-up changes since the beginning, I do now regard myself as the only permanent member of Taake (having been always the sole creator of all music and lyrics for the band): But on this debut album however, I was aided by Mr. F. Arctander (Tundra) and his battery, bass and choir talents. I do guitars and vocals myself.

3. What is the concept of your band name ?

The epithet Taake (meaning 'fog) represents and shall be connected to the fog which my hometown is widely known for, cloaking the 7 surrounding mountains: Apart from this patriotic aspect, theb and name also serves as representatively of my lyrical concept which is mainly based upon spectral phenomena.

4. When and how did you get in touch with Wounded Love Records ?

It was in early '97, whilst searching distribution for my self-financed '96 ep that i got in touch with them. They immediately offered me a quite acceptable deal and the plan for the debut album was soon put in to reality (too bad the process took forever, though).

5. Please give us a full insight to your album "Nattestid". The recording, the meaning of the title in English, the tracks and the concept.

'Nattestid...' (simply meaning 'Night time') is but a small representation of my inner feelings, thoughts and emotions; fractions of my aggression, frustration, yearnings and melancholy. All expressed metaphorically through self-created old Norwegian lyrics scenery, accompanied by my own interpretation of extreme metal. The material on this album was created between '94/97 and the recordings started in the summer of '97.

6. You have chosen a viking concept on the booklet. Any reasons ??

It is indeed a purely Norwegian release, but I would not call the cover graphics a 'Viking concept'. Having strictly Norwegian lyrics I chose to also write them in our very own writing form, for the extra Norse touch.

7. Please give us an insight to your lyrics.

(see answer 5)

8. What is your political, religious and philosophical views ?

This is an interview about my musical activities, this I do not wish to get very personal.

9. How would you place yourself in the Norwegian Black Metal landscape? Which bands would you compare yourself with ?

I would place Taake amongst the very few bands that still value the primeval aspects of Norwegian Black metal; the factors that made thias style the extraordinary phenomenon it started out as. Comparisons I will leave up to others to make.

10. I guess Taake can be placed in the second or third generation of Norwegian Black Metal bands. What is your view on today's Norwegian Black Metal scene ?

I am not very pleased with the way things have developed over the years. With so many different people involved in the scene as there are today, there are bound to be a lot of different ideas on how to make things as well. I think that especially the commercialization has gone way too far. There was a flame burning in the early days... I do not see much of it left. This pop music way of doing things makes me puke.

11. I am more into Death Metal than Black Metal and not a paying member of the Black Metal Horde. With the new Dimmu Borgir album in mind and the new acceptance of Black Metal in Norway; what does Black Metal stand for these days ?

Sadly, black metal now seems to be regarded more and more as just another style of music, over-exposed, commercialized. There is not much left of what Black metal once represented.

12. I guess Taake is not your day-time job. How is your daily life in Norway ?

There is nothing in particular about it that I would like to share with the readers.

13. What is your plans for 1999 and next year ?

Just the usual, do some concerts and record a new album when suitable. The next album is already written, so we should record it within this year.

14. Where can Taake be contacted ? Any web sites ?

I am afraid that all contact would have to be arranged through the record company.

15. Any final comments ?

Thanks for your support...