This is reports and interviews from 1998 to 2001. Most of these labels and bands has now disbanded and both my webmaster and interview skills has greatly improved. But I still hope you find them as funny as I do.

It will take me best part of a week (with hard work) to change the background and logos in the interview. Please understand why I keep the background colours and fonts...... at least until now.


Acid Death Aftermath Agathocles Allison Altar Anasarca Anata Arctic Serenades (old !!) Artrosis Ashen Mortality Ashes You Leave Astarte Atrox Aurora Aurora Borealis Azaghal Bethzaida Black Sun Records Castrum Castigate Cenotaph Centinex Cling Records The Crown Dalmerot's Kingdom Darkside Dawn Of Sadness Deathless Denata Disgorge Deathwitch Dementor Depression Deranged Desire Destiny Drakkar Production Dreams Of Sanity Embraced Erebos Prod. Evil Horde Records Evoke Exhumation Fangorn Flotsam & Jetsam Forefather Garden Of Shadows Goldtrack Records Groinchurn Deadly Art/GUC 'ZINE Hades Hellstorm High Voltage Radio Programme Immolation Immortal Dominion Infernal Majesty Insanity Internal Suffering Iron Fist Jesus Martyr Keep Of Kalessin Krabathor Krabathor interview # 2 Less Than Human Liege Lord Lividity Mangled Maniac Butcher Master Master Of Reality Maze Of Torment Metalagen Records Metal Shuffle 'zine Minas Tirith Mortem Morbid Death Murder Corporation Nekropsi Nightfall Nightsky Bequest Noctuary Nox Intempesta Obscenity Obtruncation Oz Prod Pagan Winter Paradigma Posthumous Post Mortem Repulse Records Rossomahaar Rot Sacramental Abolishment Salem Sargatanas Scattered RemnantsSepsism Serenade Serpent Shiver Records Skyforger Stormlord Strype Audio Suidakra Supernot Taake The Great Kat Themgoroth The Second Moon Trivial Act Thy Primordial Unisound Records Usurper Vanaheim Velvet Music Vomitory Wallachia Warhammer We Witchery Yperano Records Yyrkoon