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In 1996; Effigy Records closed down and the owner John Erik Aslaksen gave up after three years daily struggle to keep Effigy Records alive. With no marketing budget, no funding and no partners, this one- man label was doomed to fail from the beginning. This article also includes reviews of all the Effigy Records releases.

John Erik Aslaksen released a '7 with the Dutch band Midian in late 1993 under the name Effigy Production from an address in Oslo, Norway. This '7 did not sell at all. He changed the name of the company to Effigy Records and the ultra- brutal Death Metal band Molested from Bergen, Norway was the first signing. Molested's debut CD on Effigy Records EFFI 001 "Blod- Draum" was released in late December 1994. No marketing & promotion meant that the sale was slow and most CDs went on trade. Some disastrous trading and rip- off followed. Effigy Records never managed to get over these losses. Effigy Records signed the Norwegian Pagan Metal band Obtained Enslavement. Their demo CD "Centuries Of Sorrow" had already sold 1 000 copies and Effigy Record did a re-pressing of the CD in January 1995 and this CD became EFFI 002. The sales figures were a disaster. Effigy Records also signed Algol from Norway and Judgement Day from Holland.

EFFI 003 was a 3 band split CD with the Dutch bands Evisceration and Judgement Day + Esmegor from Italy. This CD was released in late 1995 after a year with increasing financial difficulties. In early 1996; Effigy Records released EFFI 004 Molested "Stormvold" MCD Digipack. None of these CDs was marketed and the sales were poor, although this MCD has now got a well-deserved cult- status. After the release of "Stormvold", John Erik Aslaksen moved from Oslo back to his hometown. The increasing desperate financial difficulties meant that the two last releases on Effigy Records; EFFI 005 Algol "Entering The Woods Of Enchantment" CD and EFFI 006 Judgement Day "Circumcision Of The Martyr" was released with help from Arctic Serenades and without any marketing at all. By then; John Erik Aslaksen was out of Effigy Records and the owner of Arctic Serenades; Torodd Fuglesteg, took over the remaining stock. Arctic Serenades took over the contracts on the new Effigy Records signing Ashes You Leave and EFFI 005 Algol CD and both CDs was meant to been released on this label in 1997. After a long, desperate struggle; Arctic Serenades finally went bankrupt in December 1997 and these releases were scrapped, along with all other planned releases from Arctic Serenades. Morbid Records will release Ashes You Leave's debut CD in May this year.
Molested signed on Repulse Records in Spain in 1995, but the band folded in 1997. The main- man in Molested; Oystein G Brun started up the Black Metal band Borknagar and they released the highly acclaimed debut album on Malicious Records in the end of 1996. The band was signed by Century Media in 1997 and their first CD on Century Media; "The Olden Domain", got very good reviews in all major metal magazines.
Obtained Enslavement has just released their second CD on Wounded Love in Italy. The situation in Judgement Day is uncertain at present time. Hopefully, their release on Effigy Records will be re- released by another label. John Erik Aslaksen is no longer involved in the music scene and live somewhere in Norway.

Short reviews of the Effigy Records.
All reviews by Torodd Fuglesteg in 1999.

Midian "Sadistic & Obscene" '7 (Effigy Productions)

A good '7 with technichal and brutal Death/Grind from Holland. The '7 contains four tracks of high quality. Highly recomended for all Death/Grind fans.

Molested "Blod- Draum" CD (EFFI 001)

This is still the most brutal release a European band has released. The music is deeply rooted in the American Death Metal tradition. It's full attack from the start to the finish. Three years after this CD was released; this CD still sound fresh and it is highly recommended. A coming cult- classic.

Obtained Enslavement "Centuries Of Sorrow" (EFFI 002)

This CD was released back in January 1995 and it is still a good Black Metal release. This CD is in the vein of old Burzum and Enslaved, but Obtained Enslavement have their own style. A decent Black Metal release. The band has just released their second CD on Wounded Love.

V/A "Effigy Of The Possessed" 3 bands split CD (EFFI 003)

This CD is a very strange affair. The first three tracks are with the Dutch band Evisceration and these Doom Metal tracks are the best tracks on the CD. The next three tracks are with the Italian Black Metal band Esmegor and these tracks are far from good. The last three tracks are with Judgement Day from Holland and they are OK tracks. Overall; an OK release, but only for die- hard fans and collectors.

Molested "Stormvold" MCD DIGI PACK (EFFI 004)

The music is even more brutal than "Blod- Draum". This MCD was sadly let down by the bad sound- quality, but is still a great release. This is still a very good release and one of the most brutal Death Metal releases ever unleashed on the human race. Life will never be the same again.

Algol "Entering The Woods Of Enchantment" CD (EFFI 005)

This CD is a must if Scandinavian Death Metal is your cup of tea. The references to Fester and (old) Entombed are obvious. This band should have a great future ahead of them…but the demise of Arctic Serenades means that nobody have heard from this band after the release of this CD. Sad, sad, sad.

Judgement Day "Circumcision Of The Martyr" CD (EFFI 006)

This CD is more or less sold out, but let me mention that the release was a good release. This Dutch band plays a blend of Speed and Black Metal.

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