Cycletours in Northern Ireland.

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Tour # 1. Around the Black Mountain. 40 km.

Tour # 1.
Around the Black Mountain, Belfast.
40 km.
Approx. total hill climb: 400 meters.
Highest point: The Black Mountain at 260 meters above sea level.
Traffic: Minimal.
Severity Rating: ****
Fun rating: ****

This is a tour which is in my view too much up and down. It is vertical up and a vertical drop down. In between, there is a lot of climbs and descents. This tour never gives you an opportunity to develop a proper rhythm. The views are brilliant though in all directions. You see the Mourne Mountains, the Antrim Hills and the Sperrin Mountains. Basicly, you see over 50 % of Northern Ireland on this tour. The final part is down the Crumlin Road in Belfast. This is normally a riot hit area of Belfast. But this road is normally OK during Sundays and in the middle of the day. Do not attempt this tour at night !!!!! Shops at Belfast and Lisburn. Bring plenty of drink on this tour because you will really get hammered.

Start from Belfast Town Hall. Take the Lisburn Road up to the bridge over the Lagan river. Just after the bridge, take a small road on the left side of the river. This silent, scenic undulating road takes you all the way to Lisburn. In Lisburn, take B 101 up a steep climb to the top of the hill. It is a very good view towards Armagh and the Mourne Mountains on this climb. From the top of the hill, the road is very undulating to Dundrod. Take B 154 towards Crumlin Road. The road is again undulating. Take A 52 towards right in the direction of Belfast. The road now climbs towards the top of the mountain. The views is brilliant during this climb. The view over Belfast is brilliant from the top of the mountain. The vertical drop down Crumlin Road towards the Town Hall is interesting. You passes the Peace wall and other monuments of the stupidity of mankind. A sombre end to an interesting tour.

More tours will be added throughout the coming months.