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The metal scene was not created yesterday.

Metal (incorporating Death, Heavy, Thrash, Power, Doom, Prog, Goth and Black Metal) as we know it, was created in 1970, when the Deep Purple "In Rock", Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" and Led Zeppelin "Led Zeppelin" was released. These three albums are the pillars of metal. "In Rock"; because of it's sheer brutality and musical skills, "Black Sabbath"; because of it's occult theme who started up both the Doom Metal and the Black Metal scene and "Led Zeppelin" for it's musical ability and the links to Rock'n'Roll, Blues and Progressive Rock. The metal scene is still recycling material from these three albums.

The releases we have included in this feature, has had an everlasting impact on our lives. We have also included these releases because they had an impact on the scene in one way or another. More releases will be added during the coming months and years.

The releases are presented from the year they were released.

The Beatles "1967 - 1970" Dbl CD (Apple) 1973 ??

(This album is better known as The Blue Album)

Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane/Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends/Lucy In The Sky With The Diamonds/A Day In Life/All You Need Is Love/I Am The Walrus/Hello, Goodbye/The Fool ON The Hill/Magical Mystery Tour/Lady Madonna/Hey Jude/Revolution/Back in The USSR/While My Guitar Gently Weeps/Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/Get Back/ Don't Let Me Down/The Ballad Of John And Yoko/Old Brown Shoe/Here Comes The Sun/Come Together/Something/Octopus Garden/Let It Be/Across The Universe/The Long And Winding Road.

When did The Beatles become a Heavy Metal band, I hear you say. Well, the Beatles has never been a Heavy Metal band as such, but this double album has been a source of inspiration for two generation of Heavy Metal bands. There is no doubts about that.
I guess The Beatles does not need any introduction. This band is head and shoulder above all other bands or composers of music from the last century (1900 -1999). The best of this music has been put on this double album. I very much doubt if there is any serious music lover who does not have a copy of this double album. The music is simply outstanding. There is no point of describing the music in words. I just let the music speak for itself and play through the double album now and then. It is a pure joy and a reminder about what life is. Sometimes, I forget the meaning of life, but this album puts me on the right track again. Heavy Metal or not Heavy Metal.

Deep Purple "Made In Japan" CD (EMI) 1972

Highways Star/ Child in Time/ Smoke on The Water/ The Mule/ Strange Kind Of Woman/ Lazy/ Space Truckiní.

Enough words to cover this planet in paper has been written about this giant in the history of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. It fully deserve the status as the best live album ever released. It is head and shoulder above the rest of the live albums.
Deep Purple was the first real Heavy Metal band. They released their debut album in 1968. Their first three albums should be ignored. The band had a massive overhaul in 1970 and some changes in the line- up was made. The classic Glover/Paice/Gillan/Lord/Blackmore line up was the result. Their first studio release, was the classic "Deep Purple In Rock". The same line up released six albums, including "Machine Head" and "Made In Japan" before they split up in 1975. This line up was re- united in 1984, but the magic from the í70 had disappeared. Mainly due to internal conflicts and lack of commercial success. Deep Purple still exists although the moody and dominant guitarist Ritchie Blackmore has been replaced with Steve Morse (-ex Kansas). According to the press; it is still a very good band. Good luck to them.
It is a bit misleading to call "Made In Japan" a Hard Rock album. It is very much influcnced by Jazz in itís disregard for conventional Hard Rock philosophy. The bands are flipping over in improvised music on all the tracks on this album. It seems like Deep Purpleís main philosophy in their gigs in Japan, featured on this CD is "fuck the songs -letís have fun". The result is a very insane and happy release. You can clearly hear that the band fully enjoy themselves on stage. The music is on the highest level and the "live" feeling is total. All songs on this album is widely regarded as classics.
This album has just been re- released with a bonus mini CD with three extra tracks. Run like hell to your nearest record shop and get a copy of this release. Your life would not be complete without a copy of this release.

Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains The Same" Double CD (Atlantic Records) 1976

Rock And Roll/ Celebration Day/ The Song Remains The Same/ Rain Song/ Dazed And Confused/ No Quarter/ Stairway To Heaven/ Moby Dick/ Whole Lotta Love

This is a soundtrack from Led Zeppelinís film with the same name. The film, who consisted of a gig from 1975, was shown on all major cinemas in the world when it was released. It is a live album, on two CDs.
Led Zeppelin hardly need any introduction. This band was the biggest RockíníRoll & Hard Rock band from 1970 to their split-up in 1980, after John Bonhamís death. Their music has influenced two generation of RockíníRoll and metal bands. Led Zeppelinís place in the history of music, are on the same level as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. As musicians; Led Zeppelin was better than any other bands. The rhythm section consisting of John Bonham (drums) and John Paul Jones (bass), set new standards in the music industry. Led Zeppelin was fronted by the guitarist Jimmy Page and the vocalist Robert Plant. Together; they wrote and released more than a dozen of the most well known songs from the í70.
"The Song Remains The Same" are Led Zeppelin in full bloom. Classics like "Rock And Roll", the title track, "Moby Dick", "No Quarter" and Led Zeppelinís trade mark; "Stairways To Heaven" get the full live treatment. The music is intense, noisy and beautiful on the same time.
Led Zeppelin are going over the top in a 27 minutes long version of "Dazed And Confused". More than three times longer than the studio version. No band would dare to do the same in the í90. But the live version of this classic song, is an example of a gig in the í70. This decade was full of wonderful music and pointless musical masturbation on stage. An album like "The Song Remains The Same" will never be released again. There will never be a band like Led Zeppelin again. That is why you should get yourself a copy of this live album. When you are in the record shop; include a copy of "Remasters" in your shopping bag. This compilation double CD give a full picture of Led Zeppelinís many classic songs. Both releases should be essential purchases in your record- collection.

Iron Maiden "Powerslave" CD (EMI) 1984

Aces High/2 Minutes To Midnight/Losfer Words/Flash Of The Blade/The Duellists/Back In The Village/Powerslave/Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Iron Maiden's fifth studio album "Powerslave" is a milestone in the history of Heavy Metal. In many ways, you can divide the history of Heavy Metal in two parts: Before and after the release of "Powerslave".
Iron Maiden hails from London, England. They burst onto the then stagnant Heavy Metal scene in 1980 with their self titled debut album and hell broke loose. Or to be more precise: The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) was born. Music wise, Iron Maiden cannot be put into that category, but they are still credited with the birth of that scene. Iron Maiden was a rather strange brew of Sex Pistols, Deep Purple and Jethro Tull, among others. All their first four albums set new standards. Then "Powerslave" was released and the Heavy Metal scene went berskerk.
Listening to the album in year 2001, it really hits me how progressive and innovative this album is. It is still heavy as hell, but tracks like the title track, " Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" and " 2 Minutes To Midnight" is most of all very progressive. It is this marriage of brutallity, innovation, prog, raw power and melody which makes this album to such a masterpiece. Even today, it really is a masterpiece. Although a bit dated.
Iron Maiden has never ever been better than on this album and the following live album "Live After Death". They reached their creative peak on "Powerslave". The albums that has followed after "Powerslave" has been good, but not anywhere as good as "Powerslave". Iron Maiden still exist as far as I know.

Death "Leprosy" CD (Combat) 1988

Leprosy/Born Dead/Forgotten Past/Left To Die/Pull The Plug/Open Casket/Primitive Ways/Choke On It.

When this Florida band released their second album "Leprosy" in 1988, the Death Metal scene still did not exist. In this respect, this album hit empty ear. But it has inspired a generation of Death Metal musicians. Death also set the benchmark for the Death Metal genre. There is a lot of bands who sounds like Death ala "Leprosy". Death was not particular technically skilled musicians. The result was therefore the simple, but brutal Death Metal displayed on "Leprosy". The eight songs on this album did not venture away from the verse-chorus-verse classic rock'n'roll structure. This is still a brutal album, but not as savage brutal as the albums from the Death Metal era that burst to life two years later. But the quallity of the songs on "Leprosy" is outstanding. This is really a good album.
Death has released some albums up to this year, when the mainman in Death, Chuck Schuldiner got a brain cancer. He is still fighting for his life and we can only hope for the best.
Another highly recommended album from Death, is "Spiritual Healing", the follow up to "Leprosy".

Sabbat "History Of A Time To Come" CD (Noise) 1988

Intro/ A Cautionary Tale/ Hosanna In Excelsis/ Behind The Crooked Cross/ Horned Is The Hunter/ I For An Eye/ For Those Who Died/ A Dead Man's Robe/ The Church Bizarre

Sadly; this is a very overlooked release. It was released before Black Metal became fashionable. Although it is blacker and more satanic than Black Metal has ever been.
Sabbat comes from England (yes, there is another BM band from Japan with the same name). They were much hyped in the British Heavy Metal media before and after they released this album. A front page in Metal Hammer was the highlight. But behind the hype; there is a bloody strong album. All nine songs are jewels. The sound are dark, twisted and evil. This sound is attributed to the cooperation between the guitarist Andy Sneap and the vocalist Martin Walkyier.
Sabbat set a standard with this album none British band has managed beat. That include bands like Cradle Of Filth, Bal Sagoth, Napalm Death, Carcass and Bolt Thrower. "History Of A Time To Come" is one of the best metal album released from a British band since "Machine Head" from Deep Purple in 1974. It is certainly the darkest and most satanic album ever released by a British band.
Sabbat later released "Dreamveawer" with the same setup. That was also a good album. Martin Walkyier and the bass player left the band to form the highly successful Skyclad. Andy Sneap recruited an American vocalist and the result was the uninspired "Mourning Has Broken" album. The band split up right after the release of this album.

Metallica "...And Justice For All" CD (Vertigo) 1988

Blackened/ ...And Justice For All/ Eye Of The Beholder/ One/ The Shortest Straw/ Harvester Of Sorrow/ The Frayed Ends Of Sanity/ To Live Is To Die/ Dyers Eve

I guess you will laugh at me when I say that this is Metallicaís best album. I have to admit that "Master of Puppets" are almost as good as this album.
For new fans of Metallica; this is an album you will not understand or even hate. Ten years ago; Metallica was a very brutal Thrash Metal band. Incredible, but true.
Metallica started in the beginning of the í80 as a crossover between Punk and NWOBHM. This sound has later got the name Speed Metal. In the beginning; Dave Mustaine, now Megadeth, did the guitars. He was kicked out just before the release of Metallicaís highly influential debut album "Kill Ďem All". Metallicaís new line up was Lars Ullrich (drums), Cliff Burton (bass), James Hetfield (guitars/vocals) and Kirk Hammet (guitars) which had just joined Metallica from Exodus. Albums like "Ride The Lightening" and "Master Of Puppets" followed. All their albums was very different from each other. They also inspired a whole generation of musicians. Single handed; Metallica formed Thrash Metal. Cliff Burtoon died in a car accident under a tour in Sweden and Jason Newsted from the brilliant Thrash Metal band Flotsam & Jetsam replaced him. Enter ".....And Justice For All".
This album was written in the aftermath of Cliff Burtonís death. The band was confused, hurt and very angry. Metallica also felt that they had to prove that they were good musicians, after the reviews of their last album "Master Of Puppets" in the mainstream press and media. They did not feel that they had got credit for their musical abilities in the media. All these factors created "...And Justice For All". This is a very technical, aggressive and epic album. At the same time; very dark & moody. The title track are the masterpiece on this album. A technical, epic and dark ten minutes long song. The dark and haunting Cliff Burton tribute "To Live Is To Die", is also a masterpiece. Metallica had a hit single with "One".
Their follow up to this album, "Metallica", was a melodic metal album. The same goes for their last two albums "Load" and "Reload". "..And Justice For All" was the end of an era. It says a lot about the "new" Metallica that do not like this album anymore. But that do not take away the fact that "...And Justice For All" is a brilliant album.

Morbid Angel "Altars Of Madness" CD (Earache) 1989

Immortal Rites/Suffocation/Visions From The Dark Side/Maze Of Torment/Lords Of All Fevers & Plague/Chapel Of Ghouls/Bleed For The Devil/Damnation/Blapshemy/Evil Spells.

This is one of the two -three albums that kicked off the Death Metal scene big time back in '89 -'90. Morbid Angel from Florida had released a couple of demos before they were signed by Earache. "Altar Of Madness" is their debut album. Morbid Angel's brand of Deatth Metal is very distinctive and different from the rest of the Death Metal scene. The sound is very intense, intricate and dominated by pitched guitars and hyper fast drumming. This type of music demand some highly skilled musicians and Morbid Angels has just that.
"Altar Of Madness" is a very intense and brutal album. In this respect, it can be compared to Slayer's groundbreaking "Reign In Blood" album. Listening to "Altar Of Madness" is like being hit by a train. But behind this intense savagery, there is a lot of intricate details. This is an album I never get tired of listening to because if works on many different levels. All the tracks on "Altar Of Madness" are classics in their own right. As an album, "Altar Of Madness" is a giant and a milestone in the history of brutal metal.
Morbid Angel still release high quality albums, although they have never been near the standard they set on "Altar Of Madness".

Dismember "Like An Everflowing Stream" CD (Nuclear Blast) 1993

Override Of The Overture/Soon To Be Dead/Bleed For Me/And So His Life/Dismembered/Skin Her Alive/Sickening Art/In Death's Sleep/Deathevocation/Defective Decay/Torn Apart/Justifiable Homicide.

Some has credited Entombed and their debut album "Left Hand Path" with the creation of the Swedish Death Metal sound. In fact, the veterans in Dismember did this sound well before "Left Hand Path" was released. Not that I want to knock Entombed or "Left Hand Path" in any way. But Dismember was first. OK ?? Actually, Dismember has a long history as a band. They were formed, then disbanded and reformed as Carnage (one album on Earache) and then reformed again under the original name Dismember. The result was this debut album.
This album created a lot of controversy when it was released. In particular in England, where it was banned for some weeks. The track "Skin Her Alive" and the promo single with the same name created a lot of controversy. But behind this controversy, is one of the best Death Metal albums ever released. It is certainly the best Swedish Death Metal album of all times.
The sound is a blend of American Death Metal and Black Metal. The sound is distinctive in its raw savagery and brutallity. This sound has later been called the Swedish Death Metal sound. This album is the trademark of this sound. All tracks are brilliant and classics in their own right. The above mentioned "Skin Her Alive" and "Dismembered" is my personal favorites. This album is a true masterpiece and a must have even for those who do not like Death Metal.
Dismember still exists and release albums through Nuclear Blast. Without the same success as their "Like An Everflowing Stream" album.

Mayhem "Mysteries Dom Sathanas" CD (Deathlike Silence/VOW) 1994

Funeral Fog/ Freezing Moon/ Cursed In Eternity/ Life Eternal/ From The Dark Past/ Buried By Time And Dust/ De Mysteries Dom Sathanas

This release is simply the best metal release since Slayer "Reign In Blood". It is the best Black Metal release ever released. It is regarded as a classic release. In 500 years time; it will still be regarded as a classic release.
In the last half of the í80; Mayhem released two releases "Pure Fucking Armageddon" and "Deathcrush". These releases was great, but they only serve as introductions to the things to come.
With the "Live In Leipzig" release (re- released on CD by Avant Garde Music) live album in 1992; we got the first warning about Mayhemís new material. Classic tracks from "Mysteries Dom Sathanas" was included on this live album. Tracks like "Funeral Fog", "Buried By Time And Dust" and probably the best Black Metal track ever written; "Freezing Moon".
We all know what happend next. When the dust had settled; two of Mayhemís four members was dead. The album was finally released; four years after itís first official release-date.
"Mysteries Dom Sathanas" impact on the Black Metal scene was massive. It has probably not been a trend- setter, like Emperor, Enslaved and Dissections debut album was. But the quality of the material on "Mysteries..." is just far better than anything else in the Black Metal scene. The feeling on "Mysteries..." is very dark and spiritual. It is pure satanism. All eight tracks are in a class of itís own. The best two tracks on "Mysteries..." are "Freezing Moon" and the title- track. The title track is a fitting epitaph on Euronymous short, but very influential life.
Mayhem released a new MCD in 1997 and they will soon release a full CD. We wish them the best of luck. They deserve it.